The best wedding decorations in 2017

In the last years, the weddings have changed radically. The digital age may have contributed a bit to that. While in any era this celebration must be perfect, in modern times there are not too many rules and the traditional has been a little relegated to give way to the spontaneous and the natural. Therefore, we will do a quick review for the best decorations for weddings in 2017 that carry in their essence the original and casual.

Today we focus The best wedding decorations in 2017.

The best wedding decorationsFor this reason, today the best decorations for weddings are those that have a different touch, that do not conform to the conventional and that use simple elements, but with a lot of personality. Fortunately, this trend does not require greater economic efforts, or physical and mental fatigue to find the best option. It is possible to get a unique decoration and with an unequaled style in a simple way. Point out these trends of the best wedding decorations. Choose the style that best suits your personality and enjoy an unforgettable celebration.

Vintage and rustic style, a trend that continues to rise

Preparing a wedding is not an easy task, especially for the many details to keep in mind. The decor is one of them. However, if you follow some of the trends of the moment like the vintage style and the rustic it may not be so complicated. These styles are considered as two of the best wedding decorations in 2017, especially because its freshness allows the fusion of styles.

The vintage decorations have that retro air that everyone loves. The best thing is that they can be applied to all the elements of the wedding, from the dress and the cake to the tables and other spaces. If you choose this type of decoration, flowers are essential. We already know that they are in any wedding, but in those of vintage style are key. Among all, the roses are perhaps the ones that bring more this retro look. If you are going to create bouquets, it is a good idea to use old glass vases or country pots. The wooden boxes and in general any element of this material contribute the vintage look.

The rustic style is also one of the best decorations for weddings because they create a different decorative atmosphere. You may find it difficult to combine a rustic style with the classic elegance a wedding should have, but it is not. The great advantage of this style is that it can fuse perfectly with chic elements. Natural environments with old and rural elements that include wood, logs and stones bring freshness and personality to the event.

Natural and carefree environments

Another trend in 2017 is that of weddings in natural and casual environments, that is, free of protocols that make the couple not enjoy to the fullest of their time. Therefore, one of the best wedding decorations this year is those that are full of original and natural details. The weddings in broad daylight gain more and more followers because they allow enjoying the natural environment. If you feel that you do not arrive in time to put your garden to the point we invite you to read the tricks that will visibly improve your garden in only 10 days.

In these cases usually used vases full of flowers and simple bridal bouquets. In addition, is that although in years past lavender was the perfect ally of the bride and groom in the decoration, in 2017 are the green leaves. The great tendency is to use olive moss, ivy or eucalyptus, either in waterfalls, on the altar in small corners or even in the decoration of tables and chairs. The natural green will not only give freshness to the environment, but will make it look very original.

Among the best wedding decorations also comes everything that has to do with DIY, the ‘does it yourself’ trend. For this, restoration and recycling are the best allies. This type of decoration can include restored furniture and recycled objects such as glass jars, fabrics, wooden boxes, among other things. DIY is suitable for those looking for a vintage look or for those who have opted for the rustic style.

The great advantage is that with this type of decoration the expenses decrease. Being recycled items and handmade ornaments is much more economical. In addition, being different and unique pieces become protagonists of the place whether it is an outdoor environment or an indoor. DIY requires of course, clear rules to keep the space elegant.