Top Interior Design Trends for Spring!

Use one of these interior design trends to freshen your look for spring!

1.) Purchase fresh linens in a bright color for your bathroom. If your budget allows include a new shower curtain and throw rugs to coordinate. Splashes of color are sure to make your senses blossom! Now’s the time to retire heavy winter fragrances. Replace old candles and air fresheners with soft floral or fruity scents.

2.) Keep a fresh bunch of flowers on your bedroom nightstand and as a centerpiece on the dining room table. Tulips make a lovely cut arrangement. Lilac give the added perk of making the room smell sweet. With a little thought you can enjoy fresh cuttings throughout the spring and summer. Don’t have your own garden? Ask a neighbor or plant some bulbs today!

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3.) Feel overwhelmed with spring cleaning and redecorating? Instead of tackling the whole house, start with just one room. Start with the room that needs the least amount of work that way you’ll motivate yourself with quick progress. Bedroom need a face lift? Make a list of the improvements you desire. Continue reading “Top Interior Design Trends for Spring!”