Decorate with fabric and transform your home

We have said on more than one occasion, but do not get tired of repeating. The fabrics are incredibly decorative, able to completely transform space accessories. Now, did you know that there are many more options for decorating with fabrics, in addition to traditional? In we want to help you dress a cozy and couture with simple ideas you can do yourself. Take note!

Racks, shelves, drawers…

When we talk about fabrics almost always we think accessories always like plaids and blankets, curtains, cushions, carpets…. However, home ideas to wear fabrics do not end here.


A very simple idea is lined with fabric furniture home. The bottom of the shelves and shelves, inside and sides of drawers, cabinets and more. You can choose the same fabric to unify the decor or mix different designs. Continue reading “Decorate with fabric and transform your home”