The best Christmas Centerpiece

Instead of purchasing a Holiday centerpiece for your dining room table, how about making one yourself? You’ll likely save some cash and gain the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Here is a list of the tools and supplies you will need…..

  • 3 small terra cotta pots (I found for .79 ea. at Michaels craft supply store)
  • 1 can metallic gold spray paint
  • 3 florist foam cones of various heights shaped like trees (Make sure the fit slightly inside the pot. Slightly overlapping the pot is fine too, just make sure it is the proper proportion to the tree cone.)
  • 6 bunches of holly berries and holly greenery
  • Scissors or wire nippers (to cut the greenery stems)
  • High temp hot glue gun and glue sticks

best christmas centerpiece

Trim the leaves and berries off of the stems. You will need the larger leaves for the base of the con and the smaller leaves when you get towards the top. Spray the terra cotta pots with the metallic gold paint. No need to spray the inside. Glue the cone to the pot and let cool. Carefully squeeze a dab of glue onto the cone and gently press each leaf around the base of the cone in a circle, overlapping each leaf as you go until no foam cone is showing.

Using a high temperature glue gun will ensure that the leaves and berries will stick. But, be careful! The instant the glue touches your skin it will cause a painful blister! Trust me, I have experience! It may help to use a rag to press and hold the leaf as it’s drying to the cone. Depending on the type of berries and greenery you use, it may be difficult to completely cover the cone. Continue reading “The best Christmas Centerpiece”