Tips for a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Some good tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen can give you a nice Summer time with BBQ’s and garden parties! It’s annoying to walk back and forth with food, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc. The solution is to have an outdoor kitchen! Here you will find all kinds of nice ideas for the perfect outdoor kitchen with everything on it!


The tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen, try to think of the following tips! Choose from the tips that best suit your exterior and what you definitely need to organize some good garden parties.

tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen


In your outdoor kitchen, you can easily reach the modern look of your home. Outside, it is less easier to dress your kitchen with all kinds of decorative elements, so choose better for tight and modern.


It is important for your outdoor kitchen to provide enough storage space. Just like in your kitchen cabinets, you choose cabins and drawers where all the necessities get a place. That way your outdoor kitchen is really practical! Because the kitchen is outside, choose the material according to your necessity and considering the space.

tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen


The ultimate element for an outdoor kitchen is of course a pizza oven. It is a nice change with the bbq and it makes your outdoor kitchen unique! Your family and friends will love it as well.


In your outdoor kitchen you will have enough seats to comfortably comfort your guests. A large long table with all kinds of unique outdoor chairs also ensures that the image is off. As a last element, add a fridge to make the refreshments cool and your outdoor kitchen is complete. Additional ideas can be found here.


Mostly if you organize a party, this happens at night and lasts until late hours. So do not forget to apply lighting! Candles are cozy but do not provide enough light to cook.


As in your interior, floors are also important in your exterior. It largely determines the appearance of your outdoor kitchen. There are countless types of tiles for your terrace. So, be creative and look for a unique design.


To make your outdoor kitchen really practical, you also want a sink. Before laying your patio, provide the best water connections so that it will always be accessible for maintenance in the future. If you do not know how to start this, you can always count on a good plumber!


If you have enough budget and space, you can make your outside kitchen a real outside room. In this way you can make the place extra cozy. So that you will never have to cook in the rain and will aslso enjoy the same luxury as inside.

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Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor

Persian carpet is a garment that used to from Persia, today the clothes come from Iran.

The garment is made on a loom. The carpet knobs are still handmade. Large clothes are therefore working for years.

The quality of a garment is determined by the number of buttons. The more buttons the carpet has, the better the quality. Also, the choice of material determines the quality. The high quality materials are cotton, wool or silk.

The Persian carpets are divided into a Kelim, hand-woven carpet without pole and a hand-woven knitted robe with pole.

persian carpet

The carpets are often referred to as the area where they were made, such as Bidjar or Shiraz. Not only are names of areas used, also names of the trunk that tied the carpets.

Persian carpets are applicable in any interior, whether classical, tough industrial or modern. It gives warmth and personality.

Tips for purchasing a Persian carpet-

Color of Persian carpets:

If you choose a lot of color in the garment, try to choose relevant color for your furniture.

persian carpet

If you want to choose a color in your furniture, look for a color that appears in the garment.

Many people think of a lot of color and colorful patterns in a Persian carpet. This does not always have to be mandatory, there are also beautiful clothes with quiet modern patterns. You can of course combine this with any style of furniture.

When designing your furniture, dare to choose a special garment. This does not mean that it should not “cross over” each other. So choose a neural surface, for example, a pattern in the color of the furniture.

Carpeting forms of a Persian carpet:

Try another form of garment. For example, a big press, which works spatially or a runner for under the bench.

persian carpet

You can also combine clothes. In this case, the basis of your furniture must be quiet !!

You can choose from a multicolored carpet with a lot of patterns in a Persian carpet, but also in a quiet surface with a subdued pattern. Or from modern patterns with a contemporary color image and a classic shape. A high or low pole. There are plenty of possibilities! Either a press can be used in any interior style.

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Benefits of opting for LED lights

Nowadays, in terms of all industrial use companies are opting for LED lights for it’s several benefits. But LEDs can be equally useful for the use of domestic or other commercial purposes as well. Here, I am going to discuss about the details of LED lighting and it’s benefits.

LED lighting is nowadays to be found everywhere. In remote controls, bike lights, electronic devices, but it can also serve perfectly as general lighting, for example at home. Everything about the possibilities, features, price, … of led lamps are described here. Today we will focus brifly about the benefits of opting for LED lights.


A LED lamp is not a classic lamp like the glow, spare or fluorescent lamp, but is becoming more and more common as a better alternative. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, or a luminous diode. We do not know the technical explanation, but in fact, an LED is a semiconductor that gives light when it sends power through the right direction. It is, for example, an electronic component that emits light directly.

In the 1970s there were the first applications of LED lighting. For example, the leads were used in remote controls or traffic lights. Because LEDs have become more powerful throughout the time, and LED lights are also better, LED lighting has also become more and more popular with individuals.

opting for LED lights
opting for LED lights


Lighting with LED offers a lot of advantages. That explains why many individuals and companies have switched to this way of lighting in recent years. We give an overview of the LED lighting benefits:


Led lamps are about 10x more efficient than halogen lamps. That means you can in principle replace a 50W halftone pot with a 5W led spot. Also check the amount of lumen, which reflects the actual light output. In any case, LED results in a lower power consumption and thus a lower energy bill.


Where led light used to be used for specific applications such as electrical appliances and traffic lights, it now has many more applications. Led’s are not only a worthy alternative to lamps and spots, they are also used in televisions or computer screens, … Even aquarium led lighting is possible.

Led’s can be used both inside and outside and have different versions. Built-in led lighting, led led lighting, led spots (also led ground spots), led strips, a led tube light, led lamps with remote control, led lights on battery, led lights on solar, … yes, the possibilities are ample!


Led lamps are good for an average of 30,000 hours, which means a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years. The switching on and off often has no effect on the life of the lamps. Hence, LED lamps with sensor, for example LED motion sensor lamps, are perfectly possible.

  • Lifetime with respect to halogen lamps: approx. 10x as long
  • Lifespan for energy saving lamps: approx. 5x as long
  • Lifespan for incandescent bulbs: approx. 30-50x as long


Gu10 LEDs, LED lights with e27 fitting, … A LED lamp almost always has a ‘retrofit design’. That means they are made with the same dimensions as traditional lamps. Therefore, no adjustments are required on the luminary when replacing a traditional lamp with an LED lamp.

5.Other Benefits of Opting for LED Lights

Unlike a traditional lamp, a led lamp is not hot, and that’s a lot safer. For example, you can place the lamp closer to the ceiling without risk of fire or you will never burn again when you replace a led lamp.

Led light is also better resistant to vibration and shock and goes less quickly. They therefore have no filament, the component that is often broken first by traditional lamps.

Choosing for lighting with LEDs is choosing the environment. 75% of the components are recyclable. Led lights also do not require startup time and start burning immediately.


The price you pay for LED lighting is highly dependent on various factors such as the number of lamps, the necessary power, the performance, … Some examples:

E14 led ball lamp 3W: approx. $33.70/ € 28

GU10 led spot 3,5W: approx. $10.83/  € 9

E27 led globe 11W + dimmable: approx.  $60.18/ € 50

These are of course only a few price examples of individual lamps when you buy them. Are you planning to provide your home, office, shop, parking, garden, … with LED lighting? Then it may be interesting to have an idea of ​​the cost of the total project. Through the quotation page you can apply for a free application.


The first LED lights were quite weak and the shiny white light was not in the taste of many. Today, LEDs can compete with traditional lamps with light intensity and color temperature without any problems.

In addition to the white led, there is also the RGB LED that allows LED light in all kinds of nice colors. Especially for those who like colored light and light effects, LEDs are the perfect choice. They do not need a color filter that stops the light and produce direct light in different colors without loss of light intensity. Read more about LED light color .

Dimming a led lamp is the way to create an extra atmosphere at home. There are certainly dimmable led lamps on the market, but it is always a difficult thing. Most traditional dimmers have too high a minimum wattage. Fortunately, there are more dimmers on the market with a lower minimum wattage that is better suited for dimmering of led lighting.


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Tips for choosing ideal window decoration

Tips for choosing ideal window decoration can be very useful for giving your home a perfect interior. Windows matter a lot to give your house a stylish look and also it is very important to keep your house charming and healthy.

Your windows express your personality

Your window front is the first element your guests or visitors will notice. Whether it’s a blind, curtain or shutter it must not be a see through decoration. Moreover, there should be options to pass enough light and air. So, make sure it reflects your personality and individuality and at the same time serves your purposes. Every detail counts, from the color of the window cover to the material you are using. The color combination is a major fact and it should be too loud rather, it should be contrast or matching with the wall paint.

ideal window decoration

When looking for new and ideal window decoration, there are a number of facts to consider before deciding which window decoration fits your interior:

  • Horizontal stripes emphasize the width of the space; vertical stripes emphasize the height of a space.


  • Do you often place candles in the window sill? Then choose fire retardant materials.


  • Leave the color or material of the window decoration back into your interior, which creates rest and unity.

Remember these 3 tips while choosing your new window decoration. The tips are as follows-

Idea 1: Shutters

Shutters give your interior a rustic & rural atmosphere. They are not cheap, but take care of the value of your property immediately when you place them! You can get them in various colors and sizes. You can also decide if you want them in 1 part or in 2 parts, for example.

Advantages of shutters as window decorations:

  • To be placed on all types of windows
  • Give your home an added value
  • Easy to clean
  • Prima as a sun shade
  • Also work for insulation

Idea 2: Blinds

ideal window decoration

The difference between shutters and blinds is that your shutters can be opened aside. Blinds on the other hand, you must pull up. Blinds can be found in different materials, such as: wood, bamboo, PVC and aluminum.

Advantages of blinds type window decorations:

  • Available in different materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Simply arrange your lightning

Idea 3: Pleasure curtains

ideal window decoration

Pleated curtains are made of a pleated fabric, which is tightly folded. The big advantage of pleated curtains is that you can hang them open from above, as well as from below, but also in the center of your windows. This gives your living space a luxurious look.

Advantages of sliding curtains:

  • Insulating
  • Soundproofing
  • Top down – bottom up
  • Easy to operate

Creating stand-out window displays at your home can be a daunting task for you. However, if used effectively, this key space can enhance the image and personality of your home. I hope you find the suggestions useful enough that are mentioned above.

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Garden ideas 2017 : make it look stylish!!

‘Garden ideas 2017 : make it stylish!!’, is an article which includes some wonderful ideas about your garden. This will help you decorate your garden in a trendy fashion and thus, it will look most stylish ever.

Some latest ideas to decorate your garden are as follows:

Indoor and outdoor garden spaces should overflow

garden ideas

To make space seem optically larger, that’s not really a temporary trend but always comes in handy. Especially the floor plays a big role. Both inside and outside appear bigger when the floor area seems to overflow.

Do you have a nice wooden floor? Then choose a similar color for the garden terrace. A plastic flea is something that is increasingly used in gardens. Yet a beautiful natural look, but much more durable than wood and less maintenance-sensitive.

Nice lounge in garden

garden ideas

The garden is a place where you should be able to relax. In any case, that applies to me personally. Nice time in the sun or in the evening with a good book or friends. Important for this are of course nice furniture.

Romantic benches or bistro sets, a sturdy scaffolding sitting area, a ‘hammock’ made of a pallet on a tree or a beautiful natural tree trunk table to eat.

Whichever style you choose, make it comfortable!

Garden ideas for atmospheric lighting and heating

Garden lighting has several purposes. Of course it is practical, especially at the seating area, along a path and at the outside door.

In addition, it also plays a major role in creating atmosphere. Merry colored balls, for example, or the standing lamps that look very similar to interior lamps. Good thing today is much LED and works on solar energy. No wiring necessary and it is in energy consumption. A nice effect will give it when you aim at the bottom of the garden in the garden.

When it’s a bit fresher in the evening, you can still sit outside with garden heating. And what’s more atmospheric than a crackling fire?

Lots of plants, and a vegetable garden

Last year we saw all the gardens again greener, also small gardens . Green plants with a natural appearance give peace and joy, and happy colors make for a happy feeling. Plants and trees can also create natural shelter as functional occurrence, for example around a pergola at the dining area or by overhanging branches.

Several supermarket chains responded smartly to the trend to grow herbs, vegetables and fruit herself last year. After experimenting with this year, you can get more experience this year. In March, the first seeds can be ground again, so make the cultivation jar or the piece of soil ready to sow again.

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Tips to set up a small bathroom

To set up a small bathroom you must take several things into consideration. The challenge is to find a creative solution for accommodating the necessary furniture and other things in a small space. Moreover the bathroom must be comfortable to use and good looking at the same time.

Creatively dealing with space is becoming more and more important as we live smaller and more compact. Certainly in the bathroom where a lot of sanitary facilities need to find a place, it can sometimes be puzzles. Here are some tips on how to make your little bathroom feel as spacious as possible.


set up a small bathroom
set up a small bathroom by putting a large mirror

Mirrors are the best visual deceivers, so make grateful use! Position the mirrors in a strategic location to reflect the natural daylight as much as possible in space. Choose for border less mirrors and let them connect to the furniture or walls. Thus the delimitation between space and reflection fades.


With the right color combinations, you can greatly influence the spaciousness of the bathroom. In addition, they also affect the atmosphere.

  • Dare to use a colorful accent.
  • Add your lighter color than the tiles.
  • Restrict decorative prints and textures to 1 wall or small faces.
  • Choose reflective paint that reflects the natural daylight as much as possible.
  • Bring color with decoration and bathroom accessories as the bathroom looks sterile.


set up a small bathroom

Good lighting is particularly practical in the bathroom and can also affect the spatial experience. For general lighting on the ceiling, make the best use of built-in luminaires so that the height is not broken. With indirect mood lighting, you can reinforce the longing of certain walls. By placing led strips under the bath or the bathroom cabinet, you make the sanitation airy and provide more atmosphere.


If you want to put a large walk-in shower in a small bathroom then you prefer a glass wall as a partition. With a full wall, you share the room, which does not benefit from space. If you want some privacy, you can provide a matte strip in the glass.


set up a small bathroom

High columns are very practical to store a lot of items but can quickly create a tight feeling. Low cabinets then occupy more space for the same amount of storage space. To make the most of your low cabinets, you can also use them as a bench by finishing them with some colorful pillows. Above you can hang some shelves.Always look for a creative solution when you are having lost space beside the bathtub, shower or bathroom cabinet.

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The best wedding decorations in 2017

In the last years, the weddings have changed radically. The digital age may have contributed a bit to that. While in any era this celebration must be perfect, in modern times there are not too many rules and the traditional has been a little relegated to give way to the spontaneous and the natural. Therefore, we will do a quick review for the best decorations for weddings in 2017 that carry in their essence the original and casual.

Today we focus The best wedding decorations in 2017.

The best wedding decorationsFor this reason, today the best decorations for weddings are those that have a different touch, that do not conform to the conventional and that use simple elements, but with a lot of personality. Fortunately, this trend does not require greater economic efforts, or physical and mental fatigue to find the best option. It is possible to get a unique decoration and with an unequaled style in a simple way. Point out these trends of the best wedding decorations. Choose the style that best suits your personality and enjoy an unforgettable celebration. Continue reading “The best wedding decorations in 2017”

Tips to recover the shine in kitchens and bathrooms

We give you some tips to recover the shine and the presence of furniture and objects of the bathroom or kitchen. They are easy and ecological tricks. When cleaning and recovering the brightness of different furniture and household objects it is necessary to take into account that because they are surfaces of different materials they also need different care.

When cleaning, use different cloths, sponges and scourers for each type of surface and for each room. To recover the gloss of the stainless steel from the sink make a paste of baking soda mixed with water. Apply it on the sink and with a soft cloth rubs gently. Once applied, remove the paste with water. In this way, you will recover its brightness.

kitchens and bathroomsWooden furniture in the kitchen

If you want to shine the wooden kitchen furniture and remove stains and marks, mix half a glass of white vinegar and a spoonful of oil and dilute it with water. Soak and drain a soft cloth with the mixture. Apply it on the furniture so that it recovers the original brightness of the wood.

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Essential elements that must have the perfect terrace

We are in the spring and we look forward to being outdoors. So if you’re the lucky ones who own a home outside space begins to prepare it without losing a minute and start to enjoy it from this moment. No matter the square footage you have. Having a terrace home is a luxury that is not available to everyone.

Today we focus brief information about essential elements that must have the perfect terrace.

A treasure of great value to be able to appreciate therefore you have no excuse to let it run without spending time fixing your terrace and leave beautiful for spring you have arrived! So do not waste any more time, get to work and get yourself the ideal terrace. Endowing because of all those things you need to make you happy. Namely, a good place to relax, a place to enjoy the company of your people plants and greenery give life. We’ll tell you everything.

perfect terraceHow is the ideal terrace for you?

Surely a question I answer that wide, large. However, if you have a terrace house and is a real luxury this is spacious and has many meters should be pear. Not that there are not the huge terraces of course there are. What happens is that usually one of those things you cannot enjoy the ordinary mortals. Anyway, today I want to tell you that size is not so important, and you can get to have the perfect terrace if the anecdotes of some things you can not miss. Apply and notes.

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Five amazing ideas for organizing the kitchen

With these five ideas to organize the kitchen you will not have space problems or spend hours looking for what you left there. The best way to save space in the kitchen is to have it organized well. On numerous occasions, we have talked about how to solve these problems in small kitchens refrigerators or pantries and now it is the turn of these five simple ideas to organize the kitchen that can be applied to any type.

Today we cover few ideas those are really helpful for organizing the kitchen.

Organizing the KitchenOrganizers for the refrigerator and freezer

For some it may seem useless or posh but filling your fridge or freezer with these organizers is perfect to save space have everything controlled and keep it better. There are organizers to place cans, bottles, eggs, vegetables, fruit and yogurts. The best are transparent plastic shock resistant. In addition, we can put and remove labels with the date of purchase and that we do not pass the expiration dates or spoil some of the fresh food. Continue reading “Five amazing ideas for organizing the kitchen”