Decorating small rooms got you cramped?

Cramped Spaces Turned Cozy

Small room space? worried for it? Ohh wait, just creative thinking overcome everything or read this secret ideas for decorating Small Spaces related ideas. Decorating small rooms can be difficult. What do you do when your stuff overpowers your space? Here are some quick fixes that will have you breathing a sigh of relief in no time.

1.) Make the best use of natural light by keeping window coverings sheer or better yet use none at all. Light gives the impression of open space. If your budget allows, add sky lights.

2.) Use a large mirror or collage of small mirrors across from a window to reflect light and make the room appear larger.

3.) When decorating small rooms choose pieces of furniture for their ability for storage, mobility and conversion. A bed with built in drawers underneath or a dining room table with folding ends are some good examples.

decorating small rooms

4.) Use paint color combinations that refract a lot of light. They don’t have to be pastel colors, you can use a deep yellow or a rich cream. Just don’t use dark blues, purples or reds. They soak up too much light.

5.) When choosing paint colors allow the colors to blend from room to room. The flow from one room to the next is very important. A stark color change makes the room separate, but using the same type of flooring wall color and trim allows the flow to easily continue from one room to the next.

6.) Of course you will need to define spaces for different purposes. Do this by swapping a solid door for one with a view such as French doors. This works well when transitioning from a bedroom to a living area. You can also leave the doors off and install a curtain rod over the top of the door frame. Then hand sheer or lace curtains.

7.) Consider building an open shelf about a foot below the ceiling all around the room. Its a great storage solution for books and decorative items and draws the eye up.

8.) Make sure your furniture is the proper scale for the room. Big and bulky doesn’t work here. Use pieces that have skinny legs or glass. Your eye passes through them easily and gives the impression of more space.

9.) If possible, use a light in front of a mirror. The mirror reflects the light and makes it go farther.

10.) Paint vertical stripes on the walls or even the cabinets to make decorating small rooms simple. Stripes make the room feel taller and more open.

-Thanks a lot for reading my decorating small rooms realted article. Hope read and enjoy!