Tips for Creating a Stylish Living Room

Most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. Although people spend a lot of time here because it is where the cooking and feeding is done, it is probably not where you’ll go when you want to relax or watch TV? In this situation, you’ll likely want to head to your living room, but if it is in serious need of some updating, before you start to enjoy this space, you’ll want to make a few changes.

Here are a few tips to help you create a stylish living room.


It is not uncommon for people to struggle to make a small room stylish. With such a limited amount of space, you may feel like there isn’t much you can do. However, you would be wrong to assume this because by just adding one mirror, your living room will not just be stylish, it will also seem bigger.


Wallpaper isn’t something people really consider when they are decorating their living room. While it may seem like an outdated, boring design idea, it can actually be just what you need. Since it comes in different colors and designs, when you feel as though your living room needs a bit of color or just something that stands out, but bring everything together, wallpaper could be the answer. Continue reading “Tips for Creating a Stylish Living Room”

Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor

Persian carpet is a garment that used to from Persia, today the clothes come from Iran.

The garment is made on a loom. The carpet knobs are still handmade. Large clothes are therefore working for years.

The quality of a garment is determined by the number of buttons. The more buttons the carpet has, the better the quality. Also, the choice of material determines the quality. The high quality materials are cotton, wool or silk.

The Persian carpets are divided into a Kelim, hand-woven carpet without pole and a hand-woven knitted robe with pole.

persian carpet

The carpets are often referred to as the area where they were made, such as Bidjar or Shiraz. Not only are names of areas used, also names of the trunk that tied the carpets.

Persian carpets are applicable in any interior, whether classical, tough industrial or modern. It gives warmth and personality.

Tips for purchasing a Persian carpet-

Color of Persian carpets:

If you choose a lot of color in the garment, try to choose relevant color for your furniture.

persian carpet

If you want to choose a color in your furniture, look for a color that appears in the garment.

Many people think of a lot of color and colorful patterns in a Persian carpet. This does not always have to be mandatory, there are also beautiful clothes with quiet modern patterns. You can of course combine this with any style of furniture.

When designing your furniture, dare to choose a special garment. This does not mean that it should not “cross over” each other. So choose a neural surface, for example, a pattern in the color of the furniture.

Carpeting forms of a Persian carpet:

Try another form of garment. For example, a big press, which works spatially or a runner for under the bench.

persian carpet

You can also combine clothes. In this case, the basis of your furniture must be quiet !!

You can choose from a multicolored carpet with a lot of patterns in a Persian carpet, but also in a quiet surface with a subdued pattern. Or from modern patterns with a contemporary color image and a classic shape. A high or low pole. There are plenty of possibilities! Either a press can be used in any interior style.

Thanks for reading my article ‘Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor’. I hope this will help you choose the best Persian carpet for your home.