Psychological Effect of Interior Color

Psychological Effect of Interior Color can be quite intensive. They play an important role in our daily lives. They affect our mood, they stimulate our senses and they determine to a large extent whether or not we like something.

In this article you will read all about colors, how we will be unconsciously influenced and how you can influence the perception of a space with color.


psychological effect of interior color
psychological effect of interior color- color says something about your character

The choices we make in setting up a house say something about our character. This not only applies to choosing a particular style, furniture or a certain type of floor, but it is especially about color. Researchers at the University of Westminster have researched the relationship between color preference and personality and concluded that individuals who prefer the same type of color also have remarkably similar characteristics.

  • Red: Target oriented, determined
  • Orange: Merry, energetic
  • Yellow: Extravert but in a controlled manner, convincing
  • Blue: Analytical, conservative (careful)
  • Green: Careful, helping
  • Purple: comforting / loving dignity
  • White: Peaceful, good in organizing
  • Black: Conservative and creative
  • Brown: Practically, take tasks for each other

Do you recognize yourself a little? In the next few days, take a closer look at color in other interiors. You will be amazed at how color usage you can say about the person who has set up the house.


psychological effect of interior color
psychological effect of interior color- it affects our mood

A romantic candlelit dinner can quickly change into a business discussion when the waiter suddenly blows out the candles and then lights up the lamps. Away atmosphere! And especially road color! Due to the cool TL light, all colors are blurred, which directly affects our mood. This way, colors can affect your mind.

Warm colors, such as red, yellow and orange are energetic colors. They put you in motion and make you extrovert.

The colors blue, green and light purple work especially soothing.

When choosing colors, “balance” is always the verb. Beware of an overkill of one particular color and do not forget to use neutral colors as gray, black, brown and white. In this way, you unite a balanced range of characters and create a place where you can feel at home.


psychological effect of interior color

Choosing the right colors allows you to make a room bigger or smaller than it actually is. In other words, we keep our brains a bit crazy. When painting a small space, choose a light pastel for the walls and also keep the ceiling light. If you want a super spatial effect, give a certain piece of furniture than a similar light tint like the wall. It seems like the piece of furniture appears in the background and gives you a spatial effect. Fitted wardrobes are a nice example of this.

It can of course also be that you have enough space and you want to prevent the interior from getting cool or boring. In this case, apply to bright bright colors and apply them to two opposite walls. This allows you to maintain the cohesion of a room and place your visual divisions between the different rooms.


Sometimes you’ll see interiors you’re right about, ‘this space is really off’. And often you can not even say exactly what exactly is in it. It just suits your feelings. Color plays an important role in this. Due to the correct use of colors, individual elements can be integral and balances a space. It can sometimes be about details, but it’s often the details that make the difference.


Many people struggle with choosing the right colors. For them it may be good to keep the walls in neutral and to experiment with color in accessories. With fun-colored vases, kisses and carpets you can make a huge difference without too much cost. In this way you can experiment with colors and can figure out what your preference is. If a particular color really fits you, you can choose to paint a wall or take colored wallpaper later.

Thanks for reading my article ‘Psychological Effect of Interior Color’ . Hope this will help you choose colors that will suit your personality and boost up your mood!!

Top Interior Design Trends for Spring!

Use one of these interior design trends to freshen your look for spring!

1.) Purchase fresh linens in a bright color for your bathroom. If your budget allows include a new shower curtain and throw rugs to coordinate. Splashes of color are sure to make your senses blossom! Now’s the time to retire heavy winter fragrances. Replace old candles and air fresheners with soft floral or fruity scents.

2.) Keep a fresh bunch of flowers on your bedroom nightstand and as a centerpiece on the dining room table. Tulips make a lovely cut arrangement. Lilac give the added perk of making the room smell sweet. With a little thought you can enjoy fresh cuttings throughout the spring and summer. Don’t have your own garden? Ask a neighbor or plant some bulbs today!

interior design trends

3.) Feel overwhelmed with spring cleaning and redecorating? Instead of tackling the whole house, start with just one room. Start with the room that needs the least amount of work that way you’ll motivate yourself with quick progress. Bedroom need a face lift? Make a list of the improvements you desire. Continue reading “Top Interior Design Trends for Spring!”

Tips for choosing ideal window decoration

Tips for choosing ideal window decoration can be very useful for giving your home a perfect interior. Windows matter a lot to give your house a stylish look and also it is very important to keep your house charming and healthy.

Your windows express your personality

Your window front is the first element your guests or visitors will notice. Whether it’s a blind, curtain or shutter it must not be a see through decoration. Moreover, there should be options to pass enough light and air. So, make sure it reflects your personality and individuality and at the same time serves your purposes. Every detail counts, from the color of the window cover to the material you are using. The color combination is a major fact and it should be too loud rather, it should be contrast or matching with the wall paint.

ideal window decoration

When looking for new and ideal window decoration, there are a number of facts to consider before deciding which window decoration fits your interior:

  • Horizontal stripes emphasize the width of the space; vertical stripes emphasize the height of a space.


  • Do you often place candles in the window sill? Then choose fire retardant materials.


  • Leave the color or material of the window decoration back into your interior, which creates rest and unity.

Remember these 3 tips while choosing your new window decoration. The tips are as follows-

Idea 1: Shutters

Shutters give your interior a rustic & rural atmosphere. They are not cheap, but take care of the value of your property immediately when you place them! You can get them in various colors and sizes. You can also decide if you want them in 1 part or in 2 parts, for example.

Advantages of shutters as window decorations:

  • To be placed on all types of windows
  • Give your home an added value
  • Easy to clean
  • Prima as a sun shade
  • Also work for insulation

Idea 2: Blinds

ideal window decoration

The difference between shutters and blinds is that your shutters can be opened aside. Blinds on the other hand, you must pull up. Blinds can be found in different materials, such as: wood, bamboo, PVC and aluminum.

Advantages of blinds type window decorations:

  • Available in different materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Simply arrange your lightning

Idea 3: Pleasure curtains

ideal window decoration

Pleated curtains are made of a pleated fabric, which is tightly folded. The big advantage of pleated curtains is that you can hang them open from above, as well as from below, but also in the center of your windows. This gives your living space a luxurious look.

Advantages of sliding curtains:

  • Insulating
  • Soundproofing
  • Top down – bottom up
  • Easy to operate

Creating stand-out window displays at your home can be a daunting task for you. However, if used effectively, this key space can enhance the image and personality of your home. I hope you find the suggestions useful enough that are mentioned above.

Thanks a lot for your time. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article ‘Tips for choosing ideal window decoration’.

Tips to set up a small bathroom

To set up a small bathroom you must take several things into consideration. The challenge is to find a creative solution for accommodating the necessary furniture and other things in a small space. Moreover the bathroom must be comfortable to use and good looking at the same time.

Creatively dealing with space is becoming more and more important as we live smaller and more compact. Certainly in the bathroom where a lot of sanitary facilities need to find a place, it can sometimes be puzzles. Here are some tips on how to make your little bathroom feel as spacious as possible.


set up a small bathroom
set up a small bathroom by putting a large mirror

Mirrors are the best visual deceivers, so make grateful use! Position the mirrors in a strategic location to reflect the natural daylight as much as possible in space. Choose for border less mirrors and let them connect to the furniture or walls. Thus the delimitation between space and reflection fades.


With the right color combinations, you can greatly influence the spaciousness of the bathroom. In addition, they also affect the atmosphere.

  • Dare to use a colorful accent.
  • Add your lighter color than the tiles.
  • Restrict decorative prints and textures to 1 wall or small faces.
  • Choose reflective paint that reflects the natural daylight as much as possible.
  • Bring color with decoration and bathroom accessories as the bathroom looks sterile.


set up a small bathroom

Good lighting is particularly practical in the bathroom and can also affect the spatial experience. For general lighting on the ceiling, make the best use of built-in luminaires so that the height is not broken. With indirect mood lighting, you can reinforce the longing of certain walls. By placing led strips under the bath or the bathroom cabinet, you make the sanitation airy and provide more atmosphere.


If you want to put a large walk-in shower in a small bathroom then you prefer a glass wall as a partition. With a full wall, you share the room, which does not benefit from space. If you want some privacy, you can provide a matte strip in the glass.


set up a small bathroom

High columns are very practical to store a lot of items but can quickly create a tight feeling. Low cabinets then occupy more space for the same amount of storage space. To make the most of your low cabinets, you can also use them as a bench by finishing them with some colorful pillows. Above you can hang some shelves.Always look for a creative solution when you are having lost space beside the bathtub, shower or bathroom cabinet.

Thank you a lot for reading my article ‘Tips to set up a small bathroom’. Hope you had a great time….