Magnetic Paint: for an expressive interior

Magnetic paint is the ideal solution to give your interior a creative touch. You can make almost any material magnetically. A memo table in the kitchen, a presentation wall at the office or a creative wall in the nursery are just a few examples of the many applications.


Magnetic paint makes your walls wider. Adhesive tape, thumbnails, glue or other fasteners are past. From now on you can hang everything with magnets on the wall, leaving the wall undamaged.

Magnetic paint consists of a special composition of water-based latex primer and minuscule iron particles. The particles are stainless and so small that you can not perceive them with the naked eye. These are non-rusting iron particles that keep magnets hanging on the wall.


Magnetic paint can be applied to various materials including wood, plaster, concrete and plasterboard. In principle, you should prepare the substrate as with other wall paintings . This means that the surface must be clean and slippery. When applying a suction substrate such as MDF, apply a primer first to avoid losing magnetic strength.

To have a strong magnetic wall you will need to apply sufficient layers of magnetic paint. A minimum of 2 layers is recommended . If you have a strong absorbent surface or if you want to make sure your magnetic wall works well, then you better choose 3 or 4 layers. With 0.5 liter of magnetic paint you can cover an area of approximately 6m². For a wall of 2 to 3m (6m²), you will need 2 to 3 liters of paint when you want to apply multiple layers.


This paint can easily be purchased online. For a small pot of 1 liter magnetic paint you pay an average of € 35 (depending on the brand). The range of magnet paint and the magnets, magnetic letters, … that you can use on the magnetic wall can be found in the web shop.


This paint is only available in gray color. It is possible to still paint the layers of magnetic paint with a finish in a color of your choice.

Note that you only apply the magnet paint to a part of the wall and then completely overlay it. The seams of the piece with magnetic paint will then be clearly visible because there are multiple layers applied there. To avoid that, choose a striking color finish or paint the entire wall with magnetic paint.

Do you want it even more creative? Then work the magnet wall with a paint brush so you can write on it. You should keep in mind that the power of the magnetic paint can decrease due to the additional coverage. Test whether you have applied enough layers of magnetic paint by hanging multiple layers of paper with magnets. If everything stays beautiful, you can paint the magnet wall with a restful heart.


The applications with magnetic type paint are endless. You can use the paint in the children’s room, kitchen, at work, in the living room, … In fact, magnetic paint is suitable for any space where you want a creative extra. Just think of nice photo collages or to-do lists. Below are some nice realizations with magnetic walls.


With magnetic paint you do not have to put more boring bulletin board in the kitchen. So, from now on you can hang all the to-do’s and shopping lists on your magnetic wall. By giving it a striking color, you can easily demarcate it and it gets even more to his right.

magnetic paint


Also in the office a magnetic wall can be very practical. No boring whiteboards more but a creative and unlimited wall to use for all your presentations.

magnetic paint


In the children’s room you can make it even more fun by dressing standard magnets with colorful figures from felt. With magnetic letters and numbers, you can learn and write the children in a playful way.

Thanks for your time. Hope you have a better and creative interior in your home or office.

Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor

Persian carpet is a garment that used to from Persia, today the clothes come from Iran.

The garment is made on a loom. The carpet knobs are still handmade. Large clothes are therefore working for years.

The quality of a garment is determined by the number of buttons. The more buttons the carpet has, the better the quality. Also, the choice of material determines the quality. The high quality materials are cotton, wool or silk.

The Persian carpets are divided into a Kelim, hand-woven carpet without pole and a hand-woven knitted robe with pole.

persian carpet

The carpets are often referred to as the area where they were made, such as Bidjar or Shiraz. Not only are names of areas used, also names of the trunk that tied the carpets.

Persian carpets are applicable in any interior, whether classical, tough industrial or modern. It gives warmth and personality.

Tips for purchasing a Persian carpet-

Color of Persian carpets:

If you choose a lot of color in the garment, try to choose relevant color for your furniture.

persian carpet

If you want to choose a color in your furniture, look for a color that appears in the garment.

Many people think of a lot of color and colorful patterns in a Persian carpet. This does not always have to be mandatory, there are also beautiful clothes with quiet modern patterns. You can of course combine this with any style of furniture.

When designing your furniture, dare to choose a special garment. This does not mean that it should not “cross over” each other. So choose a neural surface, for example, a pattern in the color of the furniture.

Carpeting forms of a Persian carpet:

Try another form of garment. For example, a big press, which works spatially or a runner for under the bench.

persian carpet

You can also combine clothes. In this case, the basis of your furniture must be quiet !!

You can choose from a multicolored carpet with a lot of patterns in a Persian carpet, but also in a quiet surface with a subdued pattern. Or from modern patterns with a contemporary color image and a classic shape. A high or low pole. There are plenty of possibilities! Either a press can be used in any interior style.

Thanks for reading my article ‘Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor’. I hope this will help you choose the best Persian carpet for your home.

How to create the ideal home office

Working from home can seem a dream come true for most people: it’s a way to work away, independently from the noise and hustle and bustle of the office environment. However, there can be a number of potential distractions to compete with. In order to be as productive as possible, you need a dedicated working space. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t let space become an issue

It doesn’t matter how much space you have in your home, you will always be able to fit in a home office. Think about the cupboards and wardrobe space you have available. It is easier than you might think to transform a cupboard into a cosy office space.

Of course, if you are looking to move you can always look for a property that features plenty of space to use for a home office.


Create a stimulating environment

One of the main benefits of working from home is the fact you have complete control over the decor.

Most offices feature a standard neutral design. When decorating your office space, think about the things that really stimulate you. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls a bright, bold colour.

Warmer tones like yellow are particularly good for stimulating positive thinking. Colours such as a soft blue or a tan colour can help to reduce stress.

As well as the colour, you should also focus on adding a few personal items into the office. Your favourite flowers, scent and photos of your family will help to create a more calming, enjoyable work space. Continue reading “How to create the ideal home office”