How to make your home cozy?

‘How to make your home cozy?’- Sometimes, it is more difficult to make your home cozy and look simple rather than giving it a lavish look. Because, it requires a good sense of creativity.

One may like luxurious interior and expensive decorations but end of the day we all want comfort and coziness. So, the following tips could be useful to you for having a cozy home:

The living room is perhaps the room that makes the first impression. Here you spend the most of your time. What makes a living room really cozy?

Cozy rooms  need pillows to dive in

How to make your home cozy?

Pillows make your sitting area cozy. In addition, it is also very eye comforting. Moreover, another advantage of pillows are, you can easily change them! This way you can easily customize your living room to new trends and maintain the coziness.

Make it whole with a carpet

A carpeting makes your sitting area a whole, making it all a bit crushing. In addition, a cloth also gives more warmth. A carpeting is a lot warmer at the feet than a wooden floor.

Candles & heat make home cozy

I also associate cozy with warmth. And candles give both: cozy and a little warmth. Not only in winter but also in the summer. I find it super cozy. Still cozy, I find myself a fireplace, but this can not be done in any house of course.

Coziness for children

Children at home do not mean litter immediately. You can also create beautiful play areas in your home that are super cozy. You can also put a toy tent or playhouse with small windows in their room where they can sit or sleep. Also, you can put lot of pillows or teddies in their bed. So that they can hug them while sleeping.

Window coverings for cozy rooms

make your home cozy

Light in your house is important, which makes your house more spacious. But if you want to make it cozy, it’s also wonderful to make your home a bit darker. In addition, with the right window cover you can take care of a little more privacy in your living room.

Blinds or shutters are ideal for this purpose. You can easily decide how much light you want in your living room or how much view out. You can also choose curtains for more warmth and atmosphere in your living room.

Plants & flowers for coziness

I am always happy with fresh flowers in my house. It’s fresh and cozy on the table and instantly creates some atmosphere. In addition to flowers, I also choose fresh plants, so I also get in from a little outside. The beautiful aroma of a nice flower can boost up your mood in the morning. Also, when you you wake up in the morning the beautiful greenery of plants or charming colors of the flowers can make your day!

But if you are allergic to flowers or seeds of the plants then you should be cautious about choosing the right plants or even you can avoid this option.

Thanks for your precious time. Hope this article ‘How to make your home cozy?’ will help you make your stay at home more comfortable and cozy.


Psychological Effect of Interior Color

Psychological Effect of Interior Color can be quite intensive. They play an important role in our daily lives. They affect our mood, they stimulate our senses and they determine to a large extent whether or not we like something.

In this article you will read all about colors, how we will be unconsciously influenced and how you can influence the perception of a space with color.


psychological effect of interior color
psychological effect of interior color- color says something about your character

The choices we make in setting up a house say something about our character. This not only applies to choosing a particular style, furniture or a certain type of floor, but it is especially about color. Researchers at the University of Westminster have researched the relationship between color preference and personality and concluded that individuals who prefer the same type of color also have remarkably similar characteristics.

  • Red: Target oriented, determined
  • Orange: Merry, energetic
  • Yellow: Extravert but in a controlled manner, convincing
  • Blue: Analytical, conservative (careful)
  • Green: Careful, helping
  • Purple: comforting / loving dignity
  • White: Peaceful, good in organizing
  • Black: Conservative and creative
  • Brown: Practically, take tasks for each other

Do you recognize yourself a little? In the next few days, take a closer look at color in other interiors. You will be amazed at how color usage you can say about the person who has set up the house.


psychological effect of interior color
psychological effect of interior color- it affects our mood

A romantic candlelit dinner can quickly change into a business discussion when the waiter suddenly blows out the candles and then lights up the lamps. Away atmosphere! And especially road color! Due to the cool TL light, all colors are blurred, which directly affects our mood. This way, colors can affect your mind.

Warm colors, such as red, yellow and orange are energetic colors. They put you in motion and make you extrovert.

The colors blue, green and light purple work especially soothing.

When choosing colors, “balance” is always the verb. Beware of an overkill of one particular color and do not forget to use neutral colors as gray, black, brown and white. In this way, you unite a balanced range of characters and create a place where you can feel at home.


psychological effect of interior color

Choosing the right colors allows you to make a room bigger or smaller than it actually is. In other words, we keep our brains a bit crazy. When painting a small space, choose a light pastel for the walls and also keep the ceiling light. If you want a super spatial effect, give a certain piece of furniture than a similar light tint like the wall. It seems like the piece of furniture appears in the background and gives you a spatial effect. Fitted wardrobes are a nice example of this.

It can of course also be that you have enough space and you want to prevent the interior from getting cool or boring. In this case, apply to bright bright colors and apply them to two opposite walls. This allows you to maintain the cohesion of a room and place your visual divisions between the different rooms.


Sometimes you’ll see interiors you’re right about, ‘this space is really off’. And often you can not even say exactly what exactly is in it. It just suits your feelings. Color plays an important role in this. Due to the correct use of colors, individual elements can be integral and balances a space. It can sometimes be about details, but it’s often the details that make the difference.


Many people struggle with choosing the right colors. For them it may be good to keep the walls in neutral and to experiment with color in accessories. With fun-colored vases, kisses and carpets you can make a huge difference without too much cost. In this way you can experiment with colors and can figure out what your preference is. If a particular color really fits you, you can choose to paint a wall or take colored wallpaper later.

Thanks for reading my article ‘Psychological Effect of Interior Color’ . Hope this will help you choose colors that will suit your personality and boost up your mood!!

Setting up a children’s room: ideas & inspiration

When setting up a children’s room there is a lot to look at. In addition to a place to sleep, you must offer space for playing, crafting, homework and so much more.

setting up a children's room

Tips, inspiration and fun ideas for setting up the children’s room can be found here:


While  setting up a children’s room,a couple of things must be considered. You must provide a polyvalent space where your child will perform a lot of different activities. The best way to achieve this is to divide the room into different areas. This can be divided into a play area, a study area, a drawing corner and a cozy seating area. Therefore, working with different zones makes it easier to keep the order and make clear arrangements about cleaning the room. To win extra space, you can also buy multi functional furniture such as a cot with pull-out desk.


Adequate storage space is indispensable while setting up a children’s room. There are several ways to store litter. Wicker baskets, fitted wardrobes, shelves shielded with curtains or transparent storage boxes are just a few examples. Also, a closet where only the parents can handle can be very practical for storing the sensitive items.

To complete it, you can also provide some shelves for photo frames, trophies and fun memories.


setting up a children's room

The sunbathing of the children’s room does not require much attention. Washable materials such as PVC are preferred but also fabric is perfect. Nevertheless, try to avoid long and dragging curtains to avoid accidents. If your child is on the curtains, you can fasten them with Velcro. This prevents the entire curtain rod from throbbing down.


The walls in the children’s room may be more striking than the rest of the home. If you do not feel like painting, you can also decorate the room with stickers, wallpaper, wallpapers or big pictures.

Brush paint or whiteboard paint makes for a lot of fun in the children’s room. Your child can keep creative and it gives the children’s room a unique look. Do you fear that your children will develop the habit of writing on each wall, you can also paint the walls with magnetic paint. For example, they can play with magnetic letters and hang their favorite drawings on the wall.


While setting up a children’s room you need to buy new furniture. But in order to do so, you should look for child-friendly and safe furniture. Avoid blunt corners and see if they are stable and capable of jumping. Children are also very creative. This way, they soon learn that in addition to paper, you can paint furniture with sticks and chalk. So, washable furniture is definitely a must!

Nowadays you also find a lot of children’s furniture with a creative test. This is the Lifetime childrens crib! not just a bed but also a slide and storage room.Children’s furniture can also be very practical. For example, you can store a lot of stuff in childrens bed.


Adequate lighting is a must in any children’s room. Due to the many activities, you make the best use of multifunctional lighting and multiple lighting elements. This can be done by combining base lighting with one or more accent lighting on the bed and the drawing angle. Night lamps are ideal for resting your child in the evening.


Children come home everyday with nice pieces of art that they want to hang on the wall. With the practical frameworks for children’s drawings of Articulate Gallery frameworks, you can now present them nicely to the wall and exchange them as soon as possible. The lists are available in different formats and versions.


Setting up the children’s room is a creative job where older children can be helped by helping. Join them at the design stage and let them choose some colors that they like to see. They can also help with dyeing and decorating. The walls do not have to be painted in the children’s room. A few paint stripes outside the line or a print of a child’s hand make the overall picture fun.

Thanks a lot for reading my article ‘Setting up a children’s room: ideas & inspiration’. Hope this helps you make your children’s room more comfortable and playful.

Tips for a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Some good tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen can give you a nice Summer time with BBQ’s and garden parties! It’s annoying to walk back and forth with food, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc. The solution is to have an outdoor kitchen! Here you will find all kinds of nice ideas for the perfect outdoor kitchen with everything on it!


The tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen, try to think of the following tips! Choose from the tips that best suit your exterior and what you definitely need to organize some good garden parties.

tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen


In your outdoor kitchen, you can easily reach the modern look of your home. Outside, it is less easier to dress your kitchen with all kinds of decorative elements, so choose better for tight and modern.


It is important for your outdoor kitchen to provide enough storage space. Just like in your kitchen cabinets, you choose cabins and drawers where all the necessities get a place. That way your outdoor kitchen is really practical! Because the kitchen is outside, choose the material according to your necessity and considering the space.

tips for a perfect outdoor kitchen


The ultimate element for an outdoor kitchen is of course a pizza oven. It is a nice change with the bbq and it makes your outdoor kitchen unique! Your family and friends will love it as well.


In your outdoor kitchen you will have enough seats to comfortably comfort your guests. A large long table with all kinds of unique outdoor chairs also ensures that the image is off. As a last element, add a fridge to make the refreshments cool and your outdoor kitchen is complete. Additional ideas can be found here.


Mostly if you organize a party, this happens at night and lasts until late hours. So do not forget to apply lighting! Candles are cozy but do not provide enough light to cook.


As in your interior, floors are also important in your exterior. It largely determines the appearance of your outdoor kitchen. There are countless types of tiles for your terrace. So, be creative and look for a unique design.


To make your outdoor kitchen really practical, you also want a sink. Before laying your patio, provide the best water connections so that it will always be accessible for maintenance in the future. If you do not know how to start this, you can always count on a good plumber!


If you have enough budget and space, you can make your outside kitchen a real outside room. In this way you can make the place extra cozy. So that you will never have to cook in the rain and will aslso enjoy the same luxury as inside.

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Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor

Persian carpet is a garment that used to from Persia, today the clothes come from Iran.

The garment is made on a loom. The carpet knobs are still handmade. Large clothes are therefore working for years.

The quality of a garment is determined by the number of buttons. The more buttons the carpet has, the better the quality. Also, the choice of material determines the quality. The high quality materials are cotton, wool or silk.

The Persian carpets are divided into a Kelim, hand-woven carpet without pole and a hand-woven knitted robe with pole.

persian carpet

The carpets are often referred to as the area where they were made, such as Bidjar or Shiraz. Not only are names of areas used, also names of the trunk that tied the carpets.

Persian carpets are applicable in any interior, whether classical, tough industrial or modern. It gives warmth and personality.

Tips for purchasing a Persian carpet-

Color of Persian carpets:

If you choose a lot of color in the garment, try to choose relevant color for your furniture.

persian carpet

If you want to choose a color in your furniture, look for a color that appears in the garment.

Many people think of a lot of color and colorful patterns in a Persian carpet. This does not always have to be mandatory, there are also beautiful clothes with quiet modern patterns. You can of course combine this with any style of furniture.

When designing your furniture, dare to choose a special garment. This does not mean that it should not “cross over” each other. So choose a neural surface, for example, a pattern in the color of the furniture.

Carpeting forms of a Persian carpet:

Try another form of garment. For example, a big press, which works spatially or a runner for under the bench.

persian carpet

You can also combine clothes. In this case, the basis of your furniture must be quiet !!

You can choose from a multicolored carpet with a lot of patterns in a Persian carpet, but also in a quiet surface with a subdued pattern. Or from modern patterns with a contemporary color image and a classic shape. A high or low pole. There are plenty of possibilities! Either a press can be used in any interior style.

Thanks for reading my article ‘Persian carpet: for a lucrative floor’. I hope this will help you choose the best Persian carpet for your home.

Tips for choosing ideal window decoration

Tips for choosing ideal window decoration can be very useful for giving your home a perfect interior. Windows matter a lot to give your house a stylish look and also it is very important to keep your house charming and healthy.

Your windows express your personality

Your window front is the first element your guests or visitors will notice. Whether it’s a blind, curtain or shutter it must not be a see through decoration. Moreover, there should be options to pass enough light and air. So, make sure it reflects your personality and individuality and at the same time serves your purposes. Every detail counts, from the color of the window cover to the material you are using. The color combination is a major fact and it should be too loud rather, it should be contrast or matching with the wall paint.

ideal window decoration

When looking for new and ideal window decoration, there are a number of facts to consider before deciding which window decoration fits your interior:

  • Horizontal stripes emphasize the width of the space; vertical stripes emphasize the height of a space.


  • Do you often place candles in the window sill? Then choose fire retardant materials.


  • Leave the color or material of the window decoration back into your interior, which creates rest and unity.

Remember these 3 tips while choosing your new window decoration. The tips are as follows-

Idea 1: Shutters

Shutters give your interior a rustic & rural atmosphere. They are not cheap, but take care of the value of your property immediately when you place them! You can get them in various colors and sizes. You can also decide if you want them in 1 part or in 2 parts, for example.

Advantages of shutters as window decorations:

  • To be placed on all types of windows
  • Give your home an added value
  • Easy to clean
  • Prima as a sun shade
  • Also work for insulation

Idea 2: Blinds

ideal window decoration

The difference between shutters and blinds is that your shutters can be opened aside. Blinds on the other hand, you must pull up. Blinds can be found in different materials, such as: wood, bamboo, PVC and aluminum.

Advantages of blinds type window decorations:

  • Available in different materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Simply arrange your lightning

Idea 3: Pleasure curtains

ideal window decoration

Pleated curtains are made of a pleated fabric, which is tightly folded. The big advantage of pleated curtains is that you can hang them open from above, as well as from below, but also in the center of your windows. This gives your living space a luxurious look.

Advantages of sliding curtains:

  • Insulating
  • Soundproofing
  • Top down – bottom up
  • Easy to operate

Creating stand-out window displays at your home can be a daunting task for you. However, if used effectively, this key space can enhance the image and personality of your home. I hope you find the suggestions useful enough that are mentioned above.

Thanks a lot for your time. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article ‘Tips for choosing ideal window decoration’.

The best wedding decorations in 2017

In the last years, the weddings have changed radically. The digital age may have contributed a bit to that. While in any era this celebration must be perfect, in modern times there are not too many rules and the traditional has been a little relegated to give way to the spontaneous and the natural. Therefore, we will do a quick review for the best decorations for weddings in 2017 that carry in their essence the original and casual.

Today we focus The best wedding decorations in 2017.

The best wedding decorationsFor this reason, today the best decorations for weddings are those that have a different touch, that do not conform to the conventional and that use simple elements, but with a lot of personality. Fortunately, this trend does not require greater economic efforts, or physical and mental fatigue to find the best option. It is possible to get a unique decoration and with an unequaled style in a simple way. Point out these trends of the best wedding decorations. Choose the style that best suits your personality and enjoy an unforgettable celebration. Continue reading “The best wedding decorations in 2017”

Keys to decorating a natural bath

The bathroom is the most intimate space in the house. A room designed for rest and relaxation whose decoration should be in accordance with the atmosphere. Calm, wellbeing, purity, balance, peace … To achieve this, nothing better than relying on natural tendencies. Today we discuss brief information about decorating a natural bath.

Cozy earth tones, botanical prints, natural materials and plants help us create this pleasant atmosphere. Do you want to take a bath and forget all the worries? We help you decorate a room natural and serene bath.

natural bath

Warm earth tones

The colors are the basis of the decoration. Therefore, when choosing a particular decorative style we must take into account the color range. In the case of a natural bath, inspired by nature, the ideal is to trust the colors earth. Continue reading “Keys to decorating a natural bath”