Nowadays, in terms of all industrial use companies are opting for LED lights for it’s several benefits. But LEDs can be equally useful for the use of domestic or other commercial purposes as well. Here, I am going to discuss about the details of LED lighting and it’s benefits.

LED lighting is nowadays to be found everywhere. In remote controls, bike lights, electronic devices, but it can also serve perfectly as general lighting, for example at home. Everything about the possibilities, features, price, … of led lamps are described here. Today we will focus brifly about the benefits of opting for LED lights.


A LED lamp is not a classic lamp like the glow, spare or fluorescent lamp, but is becoming more and more common as a better alternative. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, or a luminous diode. We do not know the technical explanation, but in fact, an LED is a semiconductor that gives light when it sends power through the right direction. It is, for example, an electronic component that emits light directly.

In the 1970s there were the first applications of LED lighting. For example, the leads were used in remote controls or traffic lights. Because LEDs have become more powerful throughout the time, and LED lights are also better, LED lighting has also become more and more popular with individuals.

opting for LED lights

opting for LED lights


Lighting with LED offers a lot of advantages. That explains why many individuals and companies have switched to this way of lighting in recent years. We give an overview of the LED lighting benefits:


Led lamps are about 10x more efficient than halogen lamps. That means you can in principle replace a 50W halftone pot with a 5W led spot. Also check the amount of lumen, which reflects the actual light output. In any case, LED results in a lower power consumption and thus a lower energy bill.


Where led light used to be used for specific applications such as electrical appliances and traffic lights, it now has many more applications. Led’s are not only a worthy alternative to lamps and spots, they are also used in televisions or computer screens, … Even aquarium led lighting is possible.

Led’s can be used both inside and outside and have different versions. Built-in led lighting, led led lighting, led spots (also led ground spots), led strips, a led tube light, led lamps with remote control, led lights on battery, led lights on solar, … yes, the possibilities are ample!


Led lamps are good for an average of 30,000 hours, which means a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years. The switching on and off often has no effect on the life of the lamps. Hence, LED lamps with sensor, for example LED motion sensor lamps, are perfectly possible.

  • Lifetime with respect to halogen lamps: approx. 10x as long
  • Lifespan for energy saving lamps: approx. 5x as long
  • Lifespan for incandescent bulbs: approx. 30-50x as long


Gu10 LEDs, LED lights with e27 fitting, … A LED lamp almost always has a ‘retrofit design’. That means they are made with the same dimensions as traditional lamps. Therefore, no adjustments are required on the luminary when replacing a traditional lamp with an LED lamp.

5.Other Benefits of Opting for LED Lights

Unlike a traditional lamp, a led lamp is not hot, and that’s a lot safer. For example, you can place the lamp closer to the ceiling without risk of fire or you will never burn again when you replace a led lamp.

Led light is also better resistant to vibration and shock and goes less quickly. They therefore have no filament, the component that is often broken first by traditional lamps.

Choosing for lighting with LEDs is choosing the environment. 75% of the components are recyclable. Led lights also do not require startup time and start burning immediately.


The price you pay for LED lighting is highly dependent on various factors such as the number of lamps, the necessary power, the performance, … Some examples:

E14 led ball lamp 3W: approx. $33.70/ € 28

GU10 led spot 3,5W: approx. $10.83/  € 9

E27 led globe 11W + dimmable: approx.  $60.18/ € 50

These are of course only a few price examples of individual lamps when you buy them. Are you planning to provide your home, office, shop, parking, garden, … with LED lighting? Then it may be interesting to have an idea of ​​the cost of the total project. Through the quotation page you can apply for a free application.


The first LED lights were quite weak and the shiny white light was not in the taste of many. Today, LEDs can compete with traditional lamps with light intensity and color temperature without any problems.

In addition to the white led, there is also the RGB LED that allows LED light in all kinds of nice colors. Especially for those who like colored light and light effects, LEDs are the perfect choice. They do not need a color filter that stops the light and produce direct light in different colors without loss of light intensity. Read more about LED light color .

Dimming a led lamp is the way to create an extra atmosphere at home. There are certainly dimmable led lamps on the market, but it is always a difficult thing. Most traditional dimmers have too high a minimum wattage. Fortunately, there are more dimmers on the market with a lower minimum wattage that is better suited for dimmering of led lighting.


Thanks for your time. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article ‘opting for LED lights’

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Nowadays, in terms of all industrial use companies are opting for LED lights for it's several benefits. But LEDs can be equally useful for the use of domestic or other commercial purposes as well. Here, I am going to discuss about the details of LED lighting and it's benefits. LED...