7 Guidelines for Choosing Your Office Chair Well

Although I could never check their veracity, once they told me a story that struck me deeply. He was just a seller of work chairs, and he related it to me while I sat on one of the models he sold and tried. Back then I began my, already long career as a journalist freelance and was testing the possibility of acquiring a new chair and a somewhat higher price which already had. While rehearsing postures, the salesman asked me about my profession.

When I answered, he looked worried and said, “what I was afraid; you need something better than this and not think that would not mean it .” He then went on to relater the story of a famous American journalist who was to be signed as a columnist for The New York Times to write a weekly piece. The newspaper and the journalist already had the contract ready and there was only the approval of the insurance company covering the newspaper. This reporter sent home from an expert to verify the working conditions.

choosing office chair

It was supposed to be a mere formality and at most the expert would assess the columnist did not smoke in your workspace. But the coach was presented with a tape measure and insisted measurer columnist proportions both as chair and table in working this. After the inspection, he warned that he would advise against signing because he used neither the table nor the right chair. The journalist, though annoying, it took half jokingly because he did not think that was to affect his move … Continue reading “7 Guidelines for Choosing Your Office Chair Well”

Keys to decorating a natural bath

The bathroom is the most intimate space in the house. A room designed for rest and relaxation whose decoration should be in accordance with the atmosphere. Calm, wellbeing, purity, balance, peace … To achieve this, nothing better than relying on natural tendencies.

Cozy earth tones, botanical prints, natural materials and plants help us create this pleasant atmosphere. Do you want to take a bath and forget all the worries? We help you decorate a room natural and serene bath.

natural bath

Warm earth tones

The colors are the basis of the decoration. Therefore, when choosing a particular decorative style we must take into account the color range. In the case of a natural bath, inspired by nature, the ideal is to trust the colors earth. Continue reading “Keys to decorating a natural bath”

Ideas for Home Office Lighting

The home offices are the workplace of all those who carry out their work without having to go to an office. But far from being something simple, the truth is that already the decoration home office is quite complicated.

The here one of the most important aspects of such offices is lighting. That is precisely the office lighting at home is vital to ensure that all the workday is done in a friendly atmosphere and focused concentration.

home office lighting

  1. The most vital of all, facilitate maximum delighting office. The existing road between the windows and the worktable should be as clear as possible so that there is no decorative element to interrupt the passage of light.
  2. Continue reading “Ideas for Home Office Lighting”

Mistakes to avoid when decorating the room

The living room is the heart of the house. The neuralgic center of any dwelling that stands out. It is the space where we receive visitors, where family reunions and reunions take place.

Therefore, we must ensure that the decoration is cozy and pleasant. In other words, you want to be in the living room. But before we get down to work, there are some basic issues that we must keep in mind. Notes mistakes to avoid when decorating the room.

Dark colors in mini salons, in small doses

We talked about the importance of colors in decorating. The lighter hues bring lightness and convey relaxation and well-being. While darker colors make the spaces look smaller, but at the same time they are more elegant.

decorating mistakes

Therefore, we must choose with special care the colors when decorating the room, taking into account this simple standard. If the living room is small or dimly lit, dark colors may not be the best choice. Ideally, choose light colors as a base and add brush strokes in shades darker or striking. In this way the strong colors will not occupy too much visual space. Continue reading “Mistakes to avoid when decorating the room”

2017 Bathrooms Trends

There are many people that when a new year begins decide to make some reforms in their homes. Are you one of them? Well then, you must be very attentive to what we tell you then, especially if you plan to renovate the bathroom. In addition, today we will talk about the trends that will prevail in 2017 as a decoration of bathrooms refers. You will know them not only to know what must choose to have a modern bathroom, but to discover what kind of materials and furniture will find on the market.

As you can see yourself then many of the trends we have seen during 2016 will be repeated next year. However, they also find news, so worth checking out what we tell you then. Would you like to join us?

2017 bathroom trends


Before going into detail, we want to mention that, once again, everything about nature will trend at home and, especially in the bathroom. In fact, as we will explain later, they dominate both the colors and the materials natural. It is also important that you consider that they will be, and much, the bathrooms of zen aesthetics, where plants should not miss. In our article, “Indoor plants to decorate the bathroom ” are some of the best species for this stay. Continue reading “2017 Bathrooms Trends”

Decorate with fabric and transform your home

We have said on more than one occasion, but do not get tired of repeating. The fabrics are incredibly decorative, able to completely transform space accessories.

Now, did you know that there are many more options for decorating with fabrics, in addition to traditional? In we want to help you dress a cozy and couture with simple ideas you can do yourself. Take note!

Racks, shelves, drawers…

When we talk about fabrics almost always we think accessories always like plaids and blankets, curtains, cushions, carpets…. However, home ideas to wear fabrics do not end here.


A very simple idea is lined with fabric furniture home. The bottom of the shelves and shelves, inside and sides of drawers, cabinets and more. You can choose the same fabric to unify the decor or mix different designs. Continue reading “Decorate with fabric and transform your home”

Different types of home furniture

It is easy to take for granted everything for home until you move to a new house and need to start decorating from scratch. From the seats of the dining room to storage media, many types of furniture make a house a home. The type of furniture you choose should be a reflection of your personal style, space, budget and many other factors.


A sofa is the heart of most living rooms and is often one of the first purchases of furniture made by the new owners. The sofas can range from large sectional, able to comfortably accommodate an entire family, even sofas two delicate places that are just for two. Styles range from elegant, modern and Scandinavian-inspired sofas to rustic sofas and leather.

types of home furniture

Some people like the classic look of a set of sofa and loveseat, while others prefer an eclectic mix of sofas, chairs and ottomans. Before selecting a type of sofa or chair, keep in mind the size of the room, the overall style of the house lifestyle. For example, families with children and pets can choose a sofa with durable fabric instead of leather or silk luxury while people often have guests may want a sofa bed that folds into a bed. Continue reading “Different types of home furniture”

Chester sofa and four styles of living room

Despite having a few years old, the sofa chester has not lost one iota of style. In fact, it seems that, like good wine, improves with the years.

In addition more fashionable than ever and is a great investment to decorate a sofa in different styles. From a classic atmosphere to a more contemporary space or even a sober industrial setting. You sign up? In this article, we present the keys to decorate with this decoration icon. A chester and different styles of living room.

A little history…

However, before we go on, here is a little history. The origins of this sofa dating from the mid- eighteenth century. The year was approximately 1773 when a Viscount Chesterfield commissioned a cabinetmaker prestigious special sofa that would allow high society men sit on it with your back straight and so not spoil your outfit distinguished.

styles of living room

The result was a genuine leather design, with armrests and back at the same height and tufted upholstery. Much more than a couch, a piece of design that made history as the Chesterfield sofa. Beauty, English sobriety and distinction make this sofa in a highly prized furniture. Continue reading “Chester sofa and four styles of living room”

Hanging lamps Dining

Although sometimes we do not give it the importance it deserves, lighting is one of the most important factors of any dwelling, allowing accentuate the colors, highlight the textures, expand the space visually create warm atmospheres, promote concentration… Everything depends luminaries chosen! One of the rooms where lighting plays an important role is the dining room. Ideally, this space to formulate an environmental light (which illuminates the whole area from a single point), spot lighting (is what is aimed at a specific place) and a decorative light (which features an object specific).

Both for ambient lighting to the spot in the dining room, you can choose lamps, pendants, which are among the most commonly used. Today we give you some tips for use in this kind of stay and show you some examples that you ‘ll love. Would you like to join us?

hanging lamps

Where to place the hanging lamp in the dining room

Whether it is a separate dining room and a dining room attached to the living room or kitchen, it is best to place the pendant lamp on the table dining and choose other lamps (standing, table, spotlights…) for the rest of the stay. Of course, if your home is characterized by a low ceiling, it is best to avoid these lamps. In any case, you should be very careful about the height at which hang the luminaire. It is best to not let high up, but rather go down the cable. If you place it on the dining table, the ideal is that the lower level of the lamp is placed at a height of between 150 and 160 cm from the ground. Continue reading “Hanging lamps Dining”

Decorating trends for Christmas 2016

Tired of the same ornaments forever? If this year you want to live a Christmas to last, do not miss the decorative accessories that have gathered for you in this special Christmas 2016 trends.

The last of the last for a house with lots of festive spirit. If you’re tired of the usual ornaments and urgently need a change, notes the proposals that we present in this article.

A natural Christmas

If you regularly read my blog, the natural look will not prove anything new. In recent years we are experiencing a return to nature, which brings us to our origins. This is felt both in fashion and gastronomy and, of course, also in the decoration of the house.

christmas trends 2016

Therefore, this Christmas cannot miss the natural decorations such as wooden figures and accessories in natural fibers. Great decorating ideas for a different Christmas materialize through rattan baskets decorated with trunks, pine cones and other natural elements. Also triumph crowns branches and ornaments felt.

A sophisticated Christmas

And the natural pass to a completely opposite style: Christmas glam and sophisticated. Here succeed accessories in bright flashes as the silver, copper and gold.

As a basis for decoration, we can turn to a bright, elegant and versatile white to give touches of style with accessories in copper, silver or gold. Ons Christmas metalized and crystal accessories are the must-have of this decoration.

Mini Christmas

We all like to have at home a Christmas tree decorated with lights XL and ornaments. But the reality is that our homes are so small that no one can afford this luxury of trimmings and accessories she wanted. This brings us to another trend that wins this Christmas 2016: the so-called Mini Christmas.

The pieces in minimalist version, simple designs and light and bright colors are the stars of this Christmas. It treplace traditional ornaments always like the tree, a similar but smaller piece.

In practice, we can choose a simple glass vase with branches decorated with Christmas balls or lights. You can also use wall decorations, such as crowns and special adhesives for the window.

Of course, we must not lose sight of the little accessories that are that significantly make a difference. For example, candles, textiles, paintings, figures inspired by traditional characters … This is not to overload the decor of the house. Therefore, we recommend preparing two or three still lifes or decorative assemblies and place them in specially – traffic areas (and they look), as the hall, lounge and dining room.

A DIY Christmas

Crafts lovers are in luck because another major trends this Christmas 2016 is the famous DIY (Do It yourself, do it yourself). Crafts gaining ground in search of a personalized Christmas decorations and unique.

And the big problem of buying the ornaments is that eventually all households seem, as all turn to the same stores. Therefore, crafts are a great solution to customize the decor, both at Christmas and during the rest of the year.

Check imagination and prepare your own embellishments. A glass bowl decorated with tree balls, rustic center table, felt balls, gift packages; ties … The possibilities are many and very different.