Ideas To Decorate Your Own Pots Outside

If the answer to these questions is yes, then I show you these wonderful ideas to decorate pots that you will love and it is best that most of these great ideas to make yourself. The mosaics are very popular in art so why do not you use to implement this incredible idea to make a great pot with mosaic. You will need only pot filler beads, which you can easily find in any gardening shop broken flowerpots tiles or tiles. You will also need glue and spray paint. You could follow our tips to decorate your outdoor space.

Decorate Your Own Pots Outside

The first step is to paint the pot of your favorite color and let it dry completely. The second step is to lay the pot and hit what you have decided to put it, piece by piece. After this, stick the pieces on the other sides too! The pots with lace look fabulous. Keep them inside the house, on a terrace, on your balcony or fill your patio with them. Continue reading “Ideas To Decorate Your Own Pots Outside”

How to choose mops

Mops and mops can be used to dry or scrub and are infantry soldiers in the battle to clear the floors, let us see what to keep in mind when choosing the best. All houses need at least two a mop and a mop that collects dirt as well as the dried remains and hairs of pets. To finish cleaning the floor the mop polishes and polishes. Both are washable and can be reused thus avoiding costs and the environmental problems caused by the use and disposal.

choose mops

Choosing Mop

When choosing a mop keeps this advice in mind you should not only dissolve the dirt you should also lift it and remove it. Reject rope mops because they are heavy difficult to use and do not rinse well. Non-woven fabrics are a modern alternative because they are lightweight very absorbent and easy to wring especially if you use the cubes that come with them. Continue reading “How to choose mops”

How to clean the skirting boards properly

On previous occasions we have told you how the skirting’s belong to those objects that our clueless minds are often overlooked when cleaning. Now comes the time to explain how to clean the skirting boards correctly. The truth is that it is very simple. We will have to take into account the material of which the skirting is made so as not to deteriorate it.

skirting board

If the base is made of wood

First, it removes the layer of dust and dirt that has accumulated. To do this, use the vacuum cleaner or better yet a soft mop. This will remove the dust without scratching the surface. Then, dissolve in a large bucket of water a soap to clean wood probably the same one you use for the floor. Continue reading “How to clean the skirting boards properly”

Tips to Clean your house

Collecting and cleaning the house are the most tedious and ungrateful tasks that exist. Giving comfort and avoiding health problems are benefits that we must not forget. With this rhythm of life that we carry we can hardly spare time. Unless we have guests with some frequency we tend to postpone the cleaning of the house at times dead or delegate its maintenance so as not to face those tasks.

Clean your house

The truth is that when we do we see that it was not so much and the result makes us feel good. It is advisable to maintain a routine for undeniable hygiene reasons especially if we live with animals or have children. We all learn to do household chores with the example lived in our childhood or adolescence but not all so we repeat what we have seen do. There are still those corners or little strangers that deserve our attention and somewhat other past. Continue reading “Tips to Clean your house”

How to heat the bathroom easily

Getting through the winter without getting cold in the bathroom does not have to cost a fortune. Aim these tips to maintain a pleasant temperature. If, despite the heating systems you have at home your bathroom tends to be cold do not worry! There are ways to solve it without this means to stop saving on heating. The first thing is to understand why your bathroom is not at the same temperature as the rest of your home.

bathroom easily

Insulation faults in doors and windows. The bathroom is oriented to one side where it does not give the sun. Given these situations here are our quick comfortable and economical recommendations on how to heat the bathroom. Continue reading “How to heat the bathroom easily”

Tips to use firewood to decorate

We all have burned never better said, the nostalgic image of a family around a bonfire a romantic dinner by the fireplace or a night with friends in front of an open fire. Fire is the protagonist of our most endearing memories but what about it’s decorating power? In addition to warming our homes and our hearts do you dare to use it to give a warm touch to your living room?


Warming where we live with fire is as old as the world. In fact, in some languages, the meters immediately adjacent to the fireplace are baptized as the home. With the arrival of new fuels and the modern rhythm of life, the use of firewood was forgotten until it was completely industrialized and by extension almost forgotten. The new times happen to reinvent ourselves embrace the inspiration of nature care for and respect our environment and why not save with it. Continue reading “Tips to use firewood to decorate”

How to fix a clogged blind?

In the least expected moment, and always in the most annoying, a blind of your house gets stuck and does not allow you to see the light of day. The blinds are usually quite simple to fix, although it depends on the curtain model you have.

logged blind

For some years, the blinds have gained ground to the curtains and the blinds in many houses. However, the blinds are not eternal and they break down frequently, especially if you use them very regularly and in a hurry. Fixing a blind is not a complicated job, although you need to spend a little time and know how the mechanism you have installed in your home. Continue reading “How to fix a clogged blind?”

The most famous chairs design

Functional and decorative chairs are decoration tool, but also of distinction and personality.  Whether in the waiting room of an office or in the living room of our house our chairs give an image of the space that surrounds them. Now the most famous design chairs of all time are not exactly cheap, but they can mean a reversal of style.

famous chairs design

We are going to see them and above all to recognize them since they are so universal that we will ever sit on them. It is usually the star of corporate salons for its fine lines simplicity and comfort. Its different models and colors make the object evolve to adapt to each environment without losing its raisin the democratization of functional style. Continue reading “The most famous chairs design”

The best lamps to decorate and illuminate

There are many reasons that have led us to select the best lamps to illuminate and decorate the house. Do you want to know them? These luminaries are a great choice for their beautiful design and high practicality. If you are looking for a lamp and you do not decide maybe we can help you.

The best lamps

Chandelier lamp a classic

It is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. The chandelier or chandelier is not affected by the years, because this design icon is still as current as if it were the first day. Do not be fooled by its classic style, because the chandelier lamp is able to adapt to any environment. It is an icon of lighting as well as a great decorative investment. Do not you decide for a specific one? In here, we suggest designs crystal teardrop and small details in gold. Continue reading “The best lamps to decorate and illuminate”

7 Guidelines for Choosing Your Office Chair Well

Although I could never check their veracity, once they told me a story that struck me deeply. He was just a seller of work chairs, and he related it to me while I sat on one of the models he sold and tried. Back then I began my, already long career as a journalist freelance and was testing the possibility of acquiring a new chair and a somewhat higher price which already had. While rehearsing postures, the salesman asked me about my profession.

When I answered, he looked worried and said, “what I was afraid; you need something better than this and not think that would not mean it .” He then went on to relater the story of a famous American journalist who was to be signed as a columnist for The New York Times to write a weekly piece. The newspaper and the journalist already had the contract ready and there was only the approval of the insurance company covering the newspaper. This reporter sent home from an expert to verify the working conditions.

choosing office chair

It was supposed to be a mere formality and at most the expert would assess the columnist did not smoke in your workspace. But the coach was presented with a tape measure and insisted measurer columnist proportions both as chair and table in working this. After the inspection, he warned that he would advise against signing because he used neither the table nor the right chair. The journalist, though annoying, it took half jokingly because he did not think that was to affect his move … Continue reading “7 Guidelines for Choosing Your Office Chair Well”