How to decorate glass jars

Stop searching for the personal and exclusive detail that is missing in your living room you have to move to the DIY. If you want to turn your home into a unique space that you both admire in magazines, Interest accounts and decoration blog. With these ideas, you will know how to decorate glass jars and you can create that decorative element that you need to renew the style of your home or some of your rooms. Combined with zinc cubes glass jars are cheap, versatile and trend.

How to decorate glass jars

The recycling and reuse of elements of daily life is one of the decorative tendencies that more strongly arrived and persists without fissures: it is easy to understand why, since it is versatile, accessible to all and does not understand budgets. The glass jars recycled and converted into decorative pieces are one example of this trend. Continue reading “How to decorate glass jars”

Essential elements that must have the perfect terrace

We are in the spring and we look forward to being outdoors. So if you’re the lucky ones who own a home outside space begins to prepare it without losing a minute and start to enjoy it from this moment. No matter the square footage you have. Having a terrace home is a luxury that is not available to everyone.

perfect terrace

A treasure of great value to be able to appreciate therefore you have no excuse to let it run without spending time fixing your terrace and leave beautiful for spring you have arrived! So do not waste any more time, get to work and get yourself the ideal terrace. Endowing because of all those things you need to make you happy. Namely, a good place to relax, a place to enjoy the company of your people plants and greenery give life. We’ll tell you everything.  Continue reading “Essential elements that must have the perfect terrace”

Five Ideas for Organizing the Kitchen

With these five ideas to organize the kitchen you will not have space problems or spend hours looking for what you left there. The best way to save space in the kitchen is to have it organized well. On numerous occasions, we have talked about how to solve these problems in small kitchens refrigerators or pantries and now it is the turn of these five simple ideas to organize the kitchen that can be applied to any type.

Organizing the Kitchen

Organizers for the refrigerator and freezer

For some it may seem useless or posh but filling your fridge or freezer with these organizers is perfect to save space have everything controlled and keep it better. There are organizers to place cans, bottles, eggs, vegetables, fruit and yogurts. The best are transparent plastic shock resistant. In addition, we can put and remove labels with the date of purchase and that we do not pass the expiration dates or spoil some of the fresh food. Continue reading “Five Ideas for Organizing the Kitchen”

Home Remedies to Remove Lime

The lime is deposited in the taps removing the luster and leaving some unsightly white spots. To remove lime we can use a specific cleaning product. If you do not have any at home or prefer homemade alternatives here are a few ideas. One of the main problems of grime in faucets is caused by the hard water left by lime stains to solve it we can use a specific product or opt for small tricks home.

Remove Lime

Lemon or vinegar

Using half a lemon, or applying vinegar on a cotton or rag, we can remove the remains of lime. We simply have to rub the stained areas and persist in those with more lime accumulation. In this way, you will recover the brightness in a surprising way. Continue reading “Home Remedies to Remove Lime”

Ideas To Decorate Your Own Pots Outside

If the answer to these questions is yes, then I show you these wonderful ideas to decorate pots that you will love and it is best that most of these great ideas to make yourself. The mosaics are very popular in art so why do not you use to implement this incredible idea to make a great pot with mosaic. You will need only pot filler beads, which you can easily find in any gardening shop broken flowerpots tiles or tiles. You will also need glue and spray paint. You could follow our tips to decorate your outdoor space.

Decorate Your Own Pots Outside

The first step is to paint the pot of your favorite color and let it dry completely. The second step is to lay the pot and hit what you have decided to put it, piece by piece. After this, stick the pieces on the other sides too! The pots with lace look fabulous. Keep them inside the house, on a terrace, on your balcony or fill your patio with them. Continue reading “Ideas To Decorate Your Own Pots Outside”

How to choose mops

Mops and mops can be used to dry or scrub and are infantry soldiers in the battle to clear the floors, let us see what to keep in mind when choosing the best. All houses need at least two a mop and a mop that collects dirt as well as the dried remains and hairs of pets. To finish cleaning the floor the mop polishes and polishes. Both are washable and can be reused thus avoiding costs and the environmental problems caused by the use and disposal.

choose mops

Choosing Mop

When choosing a mop keeps this advice in mind you should not only dissolve the dirt you should also lift it and remove it. Reject rope mops because they are heavy difficult to use and do not rinse well. Non-woven fabrics are a modern alternative because they are lightweight very absorbent and easy to wring especially if you use the cubes that come with them. Continue reading “How to choose mops”

How to clean the skirting boards properly

On previous occasions we have told you how the skirting’s belong to those objects that our clueless minds are often overlooked when cleaning. Now comes the time to explain how to clean the skirting boards correctly. The truth is that it is very simple. We will have to take into account the material of which the skirting is made so as not to deteriorate it.

skirting board

If the base is made of wood

First, it removes the layer of dust and dirt that has accumulated. To do this, use the vacuum cleaner or better yet a soft mop. This will remove the dust without scratching the surface. Then, dissolve in a large bucket of water a soap to clean wood probably the same one you use for the floor. Continue reading “How to clean the skirting boards properly”

Tips to Clean your house

Collecting and cleaning the house are the most tedious and ungrateful tasks that exist. Giving comfort and avoiding health problems are benefits that we must not forget. With this rhythm of life that we carry we can hardly spare time. Unless we have guests with some frequency we tend to postpone the cleaning of the house at times dead or delegate its maintenance so as not to face those tasks.

Clean your house

The truth is that when we do we see that it was not so much and the result makes us feel good. It is advisable to maintain a routine for undeniable hygiene reasons especially if we live with animals or have children. We all learn to do household chores with the example lived in our childhood or adolescence but not all so we repeat what we have seen do. There are still those corners or little strangers that deserve our attention and somewhat other past. Continue reading “Tips to Clean your house”

How to heat the bathroom easily

Getting through the winter without getting cold in the bathroom does not have to cost a fortune. Aim these tips to maintain a pleasant temperature. If, despite the heating systems you have at home your bathroom tends to be cold do not worry! There are ways to solve it without this means to stop saving on heating. The first thing is to understand why your bathroom is not at the same temperature as the rest of your home.

bathroom easily

Insulation faults in doors and windows. The bathroom is oriented to one side where it does not give the sun. Given these situations here are our quick comfortable and economical recommendations on how to heat the bathroom. Continue reading “How to heat the bathroom easily”

Tips to use firewood to decorate

We all have burned never better said, the nostalgic image of a family around a bonfire a romantic dinner by the fireplace or a night with friends in front of an open fire. Fire is the protagonist of our most endearing memories but what about it’s decorating power? In addition to warming our homes and our hearts do you dare to use it to give a warm touch to your living room?


Warming where we live with fire is as old as the world. In fact, in some languages, the meters immediately adjacent to the fireplace are baptized as the home. With the arrival of new fuels and the modern rhythm of life, the use of firewood was forgotten until it was completely industrialized and by extension almost forgotten. The new times happen to reinvent ourselves embrace the inspiration of nature care for and respect our environment and why not save with it. Continue reading “Tips to use firewood to decorate”